CEMVO Scotland are pleased to announce our new 4 year programme (EM)powering Women funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The official launch will be coming soon! +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported EM organisations to secure Over £3M from the Climate Challenge Fund , creating over 30 employment opportunities and 26 new funded projects +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported 4 young people and 2 groups to secure £38k in funding to help start up and grow their social enterprises +++ 24 organisations provided with mainstreaming race equality consultancy advice/support +++ Mainstreaming support lead to new policies and procedures for carrying the Kirpan in court


A big thank you again for all who contributed to making this event successful!

The event was held at the CEMVO Scotland office.  The speakers included Shaista Asghar, Head of Operations & Resources (CEMVO Scotland), Helen McCabe, Financial Inclusion Officer (CEMVO Scotland), Eleanor McKnight, Race Equality Mainstreaming Officer (CEMVO Scotland) and Brenda Gillies, Money Adviser (MAS).

After a brief welcome and expectations of the day, Shaista gave a brief presentation on CEMVO Scotland and our annual Ethnic Minority Impact Awards.  These awards are a way of celebrating and raising awareness of all the great work being done in the communities by organisations and individuals within Scotland.  As well as being a great network base for future partnership opportunity.

All members then had the opportunity to take part in speed networking.

This exercise encouraged everyone to get to learn more about each other and their organisation make contacts and links with one another. 

Helen McCabe & Brenda Gillies gave a presentation updating on the FIP progress both in the mainstreaming consultancy sessions and the money advice surgeries.  Helen discussed the marketing and promotion of the FIP highlighting that there is much more work needed on this.   Helen also discussed partnerships and the importance of this for future funding for the organisations.

Our guest speaker Eleanor McKnight, Race Equality Mainstream Officer gave a presentation on “Race Equality Work in Scotland”. The feedback on this presentation was very positive.

Hot off the press at that time was the potential to extend the FIP beyond March 2015.  CEMVO Scotland and MAS have noted their interest in continuing the programme beyond March 2015.  As discussed at the event, one of the conditions of the funding is to organisations participating in the evaluation conducted by the research partners commissioned by SLAB.

Yvonne closed the event with a round-up of the morning and feedback on the session everyone attended. 

WSREC have kindly offered to host the next networking event for end of January /Feb 2015.  We will confirm the exact date for the next event before the Christmas break.

This programme would not be possible without your participation

Thank you!


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