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The Word is that the Scottish Government is considering developing further actions around the Race Equality Framework 2016-30. When the Framework was first published in 2016, it was a much needed document that set the context for the Scottish Government in sharing its vision and accompanying actions to tackle racial inequality in Scotland. The Framework, covering 15 years showed great commitment and leadership by the Scottish Government in ensuring that race equality remained high on their priority, and was also timely in the context of increasing Racism through Brexit and Terrorism.

However, the “Framework” was always regarded as a mere framework, with some of the actions contained lacking in measurable outcomes, and absent of short, medium and long term goals. Thus, since its publication, the Scottish Government has appointed a Race Equality Framework Adviser (Kaliani Lyle) and has held a series of focused roundtable events on various themes to gather more thoughts and insight into further actions that maybe needed to complement the Framework. There was also some added focus of the Framework through other equality lenses such as young people and women. More specific and sharper actions may therefore be forthcoming which may include additional actions around areas such as housing, employment, poverty, health, education and Gypsy/Travellers.  Such additional, sharper actions will be very welcome!

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