CEMVO Scotland are pleased to announce our new 4 year programme (EM)powering Women funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The official launch will be coming soon! +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported EM organisations to secure Over £3M from the Climate Challenge Fund , creating over 30 employment opportunities and 26 new funded projects +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported 4 young people and 2 groups to secure £38k in funding to help start up and grow their social enterprises +++ 24 organisations provided with mainstreaming race equality consultancy advice/support +++ Mainstreaming support lead to new policies and procedures for carrying the Kirpan in court

The Black Leadership Network (BLN) was set up by the Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Sector Organisations (CEMVO) and the Glasgow Anti Racist Alliance (GARA) in January 2006.  This project is funded by the Scottish Government.

What are the aims of the Network?

  • To develop a collective leadership amongst black managers to address and promote the importance of the race equality agenda in Scotland
  • To promote the effective delivery and implementation of race equality in Scotland
  • To have a collective voice on any issues that affect the lives of ethnic minority people in Scotland
  • To create a unified and coordinated approach to challenging inequalities in race and promote and effectively deliver and implement race equality in various sectors in  Scotland
  • To create a supportive and strong network that will seek to influence the integration of race equality in social, political and economic policy in decision making

How will we achieve these aims?

  • By developing and strengthening the professional and personal capacity of Black mangers
  • By helping black managers to meet the challenges of management and leadership responsibilities
  • By encouraging better communication and collaborative working between the different organisations within the network and outside
  • By facilitating the debate and dialogue and engagement  between Black mangers from the voluntary sector and public sector
  • By providing a platform to share and disseminate information and good practice as well as sharing experience and expertise knowledge and resources

Who is the Network for?

  • Black managers working in the ethnic minority voluntary sector, mainstream voluntary sector or the public sector whose responsibility and remit involves race equality work at a strategic level

When and where does the Network meet?

  • The network meetings take place in different parts of Scotland four times a year
  • All members are notified in advance about the meetings

What does the network offer?

  • Networking with other Black Managers
  • Regular briefings and events
  • Information sharing and knowledge transfer
  • Peer support
  • Collaborative working
  • Free training and coaching in management and leadership
  • Personal and leadership development
  • Broader knowledge on leadership opportunities

How much does it cost?

Membership is FREE to all black managers who fulfil the above criteria.

How is it funded?

The BLN is funded by the Scottish Government

For further information, please call the Coalition of Race Equality and Rights (CRER) 78 Carlton Place Glasgow, G5 9TH, Telephone: (0141) 418 6530

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