CEMVO Scotland are pleased to announce our new 4 year programme (EM)powering Women funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The official launch will be coming soon! +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported EM organisations to secure Over £3M from the Climate Challenge Fund , creating over 30 employment opportunities and 26 new funded projects +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported 4 young people and 2 groups to secure £38k in funding to help start up and grow their social enterprises +++ 24 organisations provided with mainstreaming race equality consultancy advice/support +++ Mainstreaming support lead to new policies and procedures for carrying the Kirpan in court

What is the CBP?

Funded by the Scottish Government, the Capacity Building Programme (CBP) is designed to provide capacity building support commensurate with the needs of Scotland’s ethnic minority voluntary sector.

Since July 2004, CEMVO Scotland has worked with over 125 ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups throughout Scotland, helping to secure over £2.5 million for the sector.  This kind of grass-roots level engagement and good quality support has been the key to the success of the CBP.


What is the aim of the CBP?

The aim of the CBP is to build the capacity and sustainability of ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups by providing specialist capacity building support to help establish, modernise and strengthen their organisational structures, systems and processes. 
Together, the Capacity Building Programme and Social Enterprise Capacity Building Programme form the Capacity Building Team and the Capacity Building Officers (CBO) on both programmes work closely together to provide support that does not only take into account the changing landscape of the voluntary/ third sector, but also the potential and aspirations of ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups in Scotland.

Capacity Building Programme

Who is the CBP for?

It is for ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups operating in Scotland for the benefit of Scotland’s communities.

How does it work?

CEMVO Scotland defines capacity building as:
“Community development is assisting people to work out where they want to go; capacity building is helping them to get there.  It is an evolved form of development work that strengthens the ability of the community and voluntary organisations and groups to build their structures, systems, people and skills to better able them to define and achieve their objectives.”
The CBP is available in three different strands to suit groups at different stages of development.

Pre-capacity Building - this strand will suit small groups that have limited resources and new groups starting up.  The focus will likely be on establishing governance structures and processes, setting up the appropriate legal structure, applying for small-pot or start-up funding and one year development plan.

Core Capacity Building - this strand will suit most voluntary organisations that are keen to build on their strengths and improve their capacity by strengthening existing structures and processes.  The focus will likely be on closing any capacity gaps in the key areas of organisational development and developing appropriate strategies for growth and sustainability.

Post Capacity Building - this strand will involve revisiting organisations that have been previously supported by CEMVO Scotland’s CBP.  The focus will likely be on implementation of recommendations which were not completed previously and extra support required for any new development.
Using a structured approach, participating organisations and groups work with a designated CBO over a sustained period of time (usually up to one year) through the following stages:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Recommendations and Action Planning
  • Implementation
  • Portfolio

The CBP focuses on 9 key areas of organisational capacity:

  • Constitution and Legal Structure
  • Governance Structure and Processes
  • Business and Action Planning
  • Funding
  • Management Systems
  • Financial Systems
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Partnership and Networking
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

During implementation, the CBO offers advice, guidance and hands-on support to implement agreed priorities; tailored capacity skills training in key areas; as well as information and signposting for funding, training and networking opportunities etc.  Some examples of the capacity building support offered are:

  • Drafting and reviewing governing documents
  • Applying for charitable status and incorporation
  • Good governance training
  • Business planning training and facilitation
  • Developing organisational policies and procedures
  • Identifying funding sources and developing funding applications
  • Meeting reporting requirements
  • Assisting in finding solutions to management and operational issues
  • Facilitate networking with other organisations and mainstream agencies

How much does it cost?

It is free of charge to all participating ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups in Scotland.

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