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What is the Ethnic Minority Civic Congress (EMCC)?

Funded by the Scottish Government the EMCC was initiated in 2006 in order to provide ethnic minority communities in Scotland with a representative, democratic and structured platform designed to facilitate civic engagement and participation.



What is the aim of the EMCC?

The EMCC aims to provide a collective and coordinated voice for the ethnic minority population of Scotland regardless of background, religion, age disability, education, gender or sexual orientation.  It is a representative, democratic and structured platform designed to facilitate civic engagement and participation and promote a collective, coordinated and ordered voice for the ethnic minority population of Scotland. The congress aims is to engage with key bodies across Scotland especially:

  • Scottish Government
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Statutory Bodies

The congress also aims to influence policy and ensure equality of service provision for all ethnic minority communities across Scotland.

Who is it for?

EMCC Membership

Membership is open to nominated representatives from ethnic minority voluntary organisations and community groups across Scotland.  Each organisation or group is able to appoint one representative onto the EMCC who represents their “community of interest”. Whenever members contribute to consultations or debates they are actively encouraged to consult with and feedback to the members/service users of their organisation or group.  To date, the EMCC has 92 nominated representatives.

Ethnic Minority Civic Congress

External liaison Committee 

The External Liaison Committee (ELC) is made up of 16 elected representatives of the EMCC.  You need to be a member of the EMCC before you can be elected to the ELC.  It is their role to act as a conduit, to take forward issues raised by the EMCC.  The ELC is the working arm of the congress and takes full guidance and direction from the main body of the congress.

When do they meet?

The EMCC meets 4 times a year to discuss issues affecting their communities.  The EMCC has thus far engaged with a number of key decision makers, including the Deputy First Minister, Race Reporter for the Scottish Parliament Equal Opportunities Committee, and the Commissioner for Public Appointments.  The EMCC meetings also increase dialogue and understanding between communities, which in turn will create a more integrated and community cohesive environment.

The External Liaison Committee (ELC) meets regularly to provide operational and planning support to the EMCC.  This enables constructive use of valuable time in the main EMCC meetings for discussion of prevalent issues affecting ethnic minority communities, as well as strategic steering and effective operation that the EMCC requires to ensure its sustainability.

What else do they do?

Parallel to the EMCC meetings, a series of training and Information Seminars are provided to increase the skills, knowledge and capacity of EMCC members.  Such training focuses on increasing understanding of civic and democratic engagement processes as well as personal development to enable them to act more effectively on behalf of the EMCC.  Such training includes for example how to influence social policy and developing confidence in engaging with high-level decision makers.

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