CEMVO Scotland are pleased to announce our new 4 year programme (EM)powering Women funded by the Big Lottery Fund. The official launch will be coming soon! +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported EM organisations to secure Over £3M from the Climate Challenge Fund , creating over 30 employment opportunities and 26 new funded projects +++ CEMVO Scotland has supported 4 young people and 2 groups to secure £38k in funding to help start up and grow their social enterprises +++ 24 organisations provided with mainstreaming race equality consultancy advice/support +++ Mainstreaming support lead to new policies and procedures for carrying the Kirpan in court

Thank You Message from Jeane Freeman MSP, Minister for Social Security

I want to thank you for all the help and support you have given us during our consultation on a Social Security system for Scotland and the part you played in the recent social security consultation. Over the three months we had engagment in every local authority area of the country, reaching many hundreds of people through these and social media. And we reached those we need to reach – people with direct, lived experience of the UK benefits system and with clear ideas on what they want to see improved. We’ve now received just over 500 responses with around half coming from individuals. We’ll publish the independent analysis of

these and our response, in early 2017. I have always said, I hope very clearly, that we will have a Scottish social security agency delivering devolved benefits by the end of this parliamentary term. But I hope that I have also been clear that building it and making sure we get the benefits transferred safely and securely from day one, is a process. It’s not a ‘big bang’ one- off event. We need to go through some legislative steps so we have the right legal framework for our agency and we need to make sure that the IT and everything else we need to make payments, is tested, re-tested and tested again. Like you and many, many others I want to fix the wrongs of the current UK system as quickly as I can for the 11 benefits we will be responsible for. But what I can’t do is risk any one of the 1.4 million people all of this affects losing out and not receiving what they’re entitled to, because I cut corners. And one of the most important ways we can make sure we get this right is to continue that direct involvement with people on benefits and with those who provide vital advice and support to them that we started back in July. So in early 2017 we will start our recruitment drive for 2000 volunteers to join our Experience Panels. We’re looking for people who are, or have been on one or more of the 11 benefits to work with us to design, build and test our new social security system, making sure that we really do have the principles of dignity and respect threaded through everything we do and every decision we make. Our success in ensuring a safe and secure delivery of powers depends a great deal on how well we work with you and your networks. So my thanks to you for all you have done so far, my very best wishes to you for the festive season and I look forward to the work we will do, together, in the New Year. Jeane Freeman MSP, Minister for Social Security

Scottish Government's Climate Challenge Fund

Climate Challenge Fund opens for applications

Community-led organisations from across Scotland are invited to apply to the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) for funding to support local projects that tackle climate change.

CCF grants of up to £150,000 per organisation, per year, are available for projects taking place between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2020*. Expression of Interest deadline is 17:00 on 28 August 2017.

CCF Development Grants of up to £1,500 are available until further notice to help community-led organisations identify and scope out potential climate action projects.

To date, the CCF has awarded grants totalling £85.8 million -supporting a range of successful projects, including energy efficiency improvements to community-owned buildings, home energy efficiency advice, lower carbon travel options and community growing initiatives, plus schemes that help reduce waste and move Scotland further towards a more circular economy. 72 CCF grant awards have been made to ethnic minority communities with funding of £7.9 million awarded to the sector .

Additional support for CCF applicants from ethnic minority communities is available from CEMVO Scotland who are working in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful. Please contact Zarina Ahmad by email or phone: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07818 533 370.


Keep Scotland Beautiful manages the CCF on behalf of the Scottish Government and has staff that support applicants and those awarded grants.

To apply please visit the CCF website www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/ccf

*Funding available in 2018/19 will also include a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund.

Submit your Expression of Interest for the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund by 17:00 on 28 August 2017



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