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The aim of the Financial Capability Project is to empower ethnic minority (EM) communities across Scotland to become more confident and better informed about the financial choices and decisions they make to help improve their resilience for the future.

This is one of the 12 interactive workshops we will be delivering this year. These workshops will be targeting EM men/women/young adults and the wider EM communities who might be struggling to manage their money on a daily basis.

Laura Jamieson, Prevention Coordinator and John Pollock, Partnership and Support Officer at Trading Standards will be delivering this interactive session to discuss scams, particularly in relation to the rising in cost of living.

As prices and bills continue to rise, many consumers will have financial worries heading into autumn and winter. Scammers may attempt to exploit these anxieties and to target people online and via cold calls, emails and text messages in an attempt to obtain their personal details and bank account information.

John Pollock, Partnership and Support Officer, will offer some insight into illegal money lending in Scotland. This will include offering up to date information on how illegal lending is happening in Scotland and also what signs to look for if you worry that someone you know if using an illegal lender.

By the end of the session you will have an opportunity to discuss :

  • If you or your family and friends have previously been affected by scams as well finding about some of the new and emerging tactics scammers are using.
  • Highlight ways you can prevent scams as well as where to go for help if you think you have been scammed.

The Financial Capability Programme also offers one to one support to help you on your journey to achieve your financial goals

To find out more about the Financial Inclusion Programme workshops or One to One support please click here or contact Helen McCabe, Financial Capability Officer on helen.mccabe@cemvoscotland.org.uk

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