App Name

Stay Safe Scotland

App Version


Date of release

Nov 2020

What the App does:

You can view NHS Scotland and Scottish Government guidance and advice on how to stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic. You can view FACTS information posters in the following accessible formats: Language (Urdu, Punjabi, Chinese and English) and Audio (You can listen to the advice in English). You can view the latest guidance in English published on the websites of NHS Scotland and Scottish Government. You can also view information about COVID-19 vaccine and Vitamin D awareness in multiple languages.

This app will forecast and show you the crowd status of any store listed before you visit. Please note that this is forecasted data and may not represent the exact crowd status of the store, however it will help and guide you. The app shows the crowd status in a limited number of stores in Scotland. You will find the store crowd status key in the app under “About this app” menu option.

Privacy Notice

Privacy and security of the app users are considered as priority to Scottish Government/Public Health Scotland when informing the public about Covid-19 related guidelines. Scottish Government has given permission for the CEMVO Scotland’s Stay Safe Scotland app to be launched, on the understanding that this acts as a conduit for existing Scottish Government/Public Health Scotland advice/guidelines and does not involve generating any new or other advice.

  • You will never be asked to prove that you have access to this app and you should never be asked to show that you are using this app – the use of the app is entirely up to you.
  • This app will never track your location or reveal your identity therefore does not collect any of your personal information from your phone such as name, address, phone number and email.
  • You will never be contacted by anyone to enquire about the use of your data because this app does not collect your data related to revealing your identity and contact information.
  • This app does collect some anonymous app statistics (optional) such as age group, ethnicity, and postcode if you choose to participate and help Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland in managing COVID-19 response and efforts for ethnic minority groups.  This will help Scottish Government and Public Health Scotland understand the impact of their COVID-19 related efforts in ethnic minority communities. This app is voluntary to download and use and you are not required to provide this information to download and use this app therefore, you can opt-out.
  • You can use this app in full without sharing any data at all. You can remove this app from your phone and delete it any time.

About CEMVO Scotland

CEMVO Scotland is a strategic intermediary partner of the Scottish Government and has been working with the Scottish Government in matters relating to COVID – 19 and as part of this the Scottish Government has contributed some financial resources in the production of this app that will allow minority ethnic communities to be better informed about Scottish Government/Public Health Scotland advice/guidelines on how to stay safe during COVID-19 pandemic. You can contact CEMVO Scotland for any additional question or information:

Address: 95-107 Lancefield St, Glasgow G3 8HZ, Scotland


Phone: 0141 248 4830