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Ethnic Minority Climate Action Hub Engagement Programme (EMCAEP)

The Ethnic Minority Climate Action Hub Engagement Programme is one of CEMVO’s projects amongst many. This is funded by the Scottish Government to: support 4 Regional Climate Action Hubs in dealing with race/equalities matters. engage with other regional climate hubs and provide ad hoc support when required on race/equalities. help identify the need [...]

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Race Equality Environmental Programme

The aim of the Race Equality Environmental Programme is to improve the capacity of the environmental sector to tackle racial inequality and meet the needs of ethnic minority people.   We assist environmental organisations to mainstream race equality into their day-to-day functions and all areas of organisational development, as well as increase their awareness [...]

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Race for Human Rights Programme

WHAT WE DO The aim of this programme is to help public service providers increasingly embed race equality and human rights in their strategic planning and day-to-day functions. This will be achieved by adopting an anti-racist and human rights-based approach. The launch of our R4HR programme is in response to the changing landscape [...]

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Financial Capability Programme

Financial capability is the ability to manage your money well by planning and saving for the future, and to build financial resilience for times of difficulty.   It also gives people the power and confidence to make the most of their money and improve their lives.   Financial capability is not just about what you [...]

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Ethnic Minorities Environmental Network

The Ethnic Minority Environmental Network (EMEN) creates connections between ethnic minority groups and individuals, and mainstream organisations addressing climate change and climate justice in Scotland. EMEN promotes local and national actions that address climate change while being more inclusive of ethnic minority voices. Being part of the EMEN platform allows ethnic minority [...]

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