Scottish Communities CAN and the Ethnic Minority Environmental Network have joined forces to create a series of events to help community groups become more effective, sustainable and influential. You’re welcome to come to one, two or all three events.

Session 1: Building a Healthy Culture in Your Organisation

  • time: 1-4pm
  • date: Wednesday 29th August
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: £5: individuals, £15: organisations

While we’re getting on with the work that our community projects care so much about, we often give less attention to how we look after ourselves and one another. Burnout and personal differences are common and can slow or stop the progress of otherwise brilliant projects.

This workshop will help you learn more about the skills and techniques we can bring to working better together and to looking after ourselves so that we can continue to give our best to the work we love? As well as sharing helpful ideas and tools, there will be space to hear from other participants, to think about our personal situations and how to bring more awareness and support into our work.

Session 2: Engaging with Decision Makers

  • time: 1-4pm
  • date: Tuesday 25th September
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: cost: £5: individuals, £15: organisations

We’re all working hard on the ground to make a difference, but how do we become more influential? How do we share the good work we’re doing, and how do we engage with politicians at the local or national level to make sure that the changes we get are the right ones?

If you want to improve the capacity of your organisation to engage with politicians and decision makers, this workshop is for you.

Session 3: Politics as Though People and Planet Matter (SCCAN AGM)

  • time: 10am-4.30pm
  • date: November 3rd and 4th
  • venue: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall St, Glasgow G41 1BA
  • cost: cost per day: £5: individuals, £15: organisations

Day 1: Is there a fresh way to look at how we do politics? We know that most people tend to support social and environmental policies in principle, but not always the parties which push for them. We know that many people are put off getting more involved with politics because it seems unable to deal with bullying and corruption.

Through talks and workshops we’ll look: at bottom up (zero-carbon) place planning; community empowerment; alternative decision making models such as sociocracy and the Democracy Matters consultation – to ask ‘can we do democracy differently to unleash community action and systems change?’

Day 2: Training day with Claire Milne of Transition Network. More details to follow.